Homemade Limbo Game

For a homemade Limbo game:

2 – 10ft length of 3/4inch diameter PVC pipe.

2 – pvc elbows for 3/4 inch pipe

8 – T shaped pvc joints

1 – 48 inch long wooden dowel of 1/4 inch diameter

1 -48 inch  long wooden dowel of  1/2 inch diameter

saw capable of cutting pvc pipe (and dowels)


rubber mallet

Cut one of the 10ft lengths of pipe in half.

Cut the other one into:

1 – 3 ft length, 2 – one ft lengths, 4 – 15inch lengths

Cut the 1/4 in diameter dowel into 18 equal pieces (pegs).

In the 2 five ft lengths of pipe, starting 6 inches from one end, drill 1/4in holes every 6 inches along as straight a line as possible – there should be 9 holes in each pipe.

Use the mallet to pound the into the holes.

Attach an elbow joint to one end of each of the poles. Make sure the pegs are both pointing in the same direction and the other opening of the elbow joint is perpendicular to the pegs. This will allow you to put the top bar on.

Between the two elbow joints, connect the 3ft length of pipe.

At the base of each upright pole, put the base of a T joint but have the openings perpendicular to the bar.

Connect the 1 ft pipe length to each of these elbow joints at the base.

Connect 2 of the 15 inch pipes with the top bar of the T joint and then use the bottom of the T joint to connect them to the 1 ft section of the base. Use 2 of the other T joint bases to set on the open ends of the 15 inch lengths for a little more stability.

I designed this to be as stable as possible, but light enough that if a child knocked it over, it wouldn’t be heavy enough to cause damage.

As you can see, you can use the limbo game both inside and outside.

The total cost for this project was less than $20. It is collapsible and easy to store, light and portable, and a lot of fun for both the little and big kids!

When the teens had the game to themselves, they liked to see how high they could jump over the limbo bar. We had one volunteer that I was ready to sign up for a parkour competition. He could almost clear the bar on its highest setting!



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